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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (WTF Band)  -

The band prides itself on playing music that most bands either won’t or can’t play.  You will  love the funky, progressive styles of many bands, and embrace the challenge and skill that comes with playing more than just a 3-chord, worn-out cover song.  WTF's  standing rule: “No F’n Poison!”  When you come and see WTF, expect great funky rock that you won’t hear just anywhere-- and very likely songs you’ve never heard before and can’t wait to hear again!

27 Years -

27 Years is a high energy original rock band based out of southern Minnesota. From the powerful rock ballad "Snowing in Minnesota" to the fast moving "Shadows of the New Day", 27 Years displays an impressive depth in their songwriting, musicianship, and showmanship.The Name is inspired and in tribute to musical idols Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Jim Morrison and countless other artists who left this world far too soon.

 Prophet of the Dawn!/pages/Prophet-of-the-Dawn/95599514300?v=info

Prophet of the Dawn was born in Dallas Texas, 2003. This project started as a way to gain recording experience and blossomed into an interesting mixture of cultures and influences in which the Dallas music scene grew fond of. Today, Prophet of the Dawn resides in Minnesota.. The name was taken from a poem written for Fidel Castro by Ernesto 'Che' Guevara while incarcerated in Mexico City.

Dave Herring -

Dave Herring is an extremely talented singer/songwriter from Wilmington, NC currently residing in Dassel, MN. Dave is  an acoustic/folk musician, and a frontman for the Upfuls, a Reggae cover band. Dave has played everywhere imaginable; touring as an acoustic musician in Europe, led worship at churches, and camps.  He has played from Delaware to Florida to California, playing Reggae on the streets of Haiti.  It doesn't matter if it's a bar, church, coffee shop, big or small venue, Dave is an extremely humble man who simply loves to play music.

Elliott Roche -

Elliot has been making his splash traveling in Mexico the past couple of years. Elliot has traveled internationally playing his own original music.   He is now back in the Twin Cities playing various venues, including regularly playing Potbelly, and The Sheraton Hotel. Elliot is making music his number one priority.   Elliot does well in any venue he is put into! 

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