Vixen Enterprises

Vixen Enterprises, LLC. books shows for original bands, and acoustic acts. We are  always interested in hearing every type of music and working with new bands. If you are new band looking for representation please contact us at for consideration. 

Please include the name of your band, all websites, sound samples, venues you have played in the past, and upcoming shows you have. No shows booked for your band yet??  That's ok too, email me practice dates.  I always like to see a band perform as a first step in signing with Vixen Enterprises.   

If your band is interested in recording, or having a label attached to your band please contact us for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions 

*What Venues do you book? - I mainly book the Metro area bars, coffee shops, and wine bars.  I have established great relationships with a lot of clubs in the metro, but I do also book in St. Cloud, Mankato and outside the metro. 

*What is your commission rate? - I am an independent agent, the sole owner of the company, my commission rates are lower than most in Minnesota. 

*What if I don't want to play a venue that has requested we play at, or you want to book my band in? - Before I book a band or artist at any venue, I will always make sure the pay, location and date are acceptable to you.  You have the right to turn down any gig I offer.

*Is your contract exclusive? - Yes, my contract is exclusive. You may not use another booking agent/agency while signed with Vixen Enterprises.

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